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  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Fast turnaround to meet your deadlines

We produce accurate and detailed Bills of Quantities for private clients and main contractors tendering on projects to assist them in submitting competitive tenders for their projects

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Why hundreds of people trusted us?

One of the most experienced in the industry

With over 30 years combined experience as Quantity Surveyors and Building Estimators, you can trust you are in safe hands.

Reliable and Trustworthy Partner

Our Construction Estimating service is based on an open, honest approach to all projects that we are engaged in.

We never miss deadlines

Short on time but need an accurate estimate? We can provide full, accurate, top-rated estimate within 24 or 48 hours. It's probably the fastest service on the market. We are yet to miss a client deadline in over 10 years of producing Building Estimates, so rest assured we will always meet your deadlines.

Save Time, Money & Resources

We have everything you need to produce fast, effective construction estimate. Our key objective is to ensure you get a document which gives you an accurate indication of the build costs.

Personalisation & individual approach

Our Estimates are fully tailored to your geographic region and location. Each document you send is pored over carefully, asking additional questions along the way if required. That ensures maximum accuracy, so we can protect your profit.

SMM7 and NRM2 compliance

We produce our bills in accordance with the Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7) and the New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), however, the majority of our clients favour the former.

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Service Overview

At Advanced Estimating Service, we pride ourselves as Specialists in Bills of Quantities Production, it is our livelihood. We have, and still produce Bills of Quantities for the top building contractors in the UK. Contracts range in value from individual trade packages to £ 20M Projects complete.

We produce our bills in accordance with the Standard Method of Measurement (SMM7) and the New Rules of Measurement (NRM2), however, the majority of our clients favour the former.

Choosing Advanced Estimating Service to produce your quantities will give you peace of mind that comes from our pro-active, reliable, personable and dependable approach.

  • The dedicated team of professionals
  • Accurate, efficient & cost-effective measurement and billing
  • Bills of Quantities issued in a format to suit
  • Cost Plans
  • Detailed Builders Quantities
  • Earthworks Measurement
  • Flexible, Reliable Bill Production
  • Attending Design Team meetings and/or site visits if required
  • Incorporating tender addendums and value engineering as required
  • High-quality BQ’s meeting strict deadlines
  • Independent/Impartial quantity checks
  • Comprehensive and easy to navigate BQ’s
  • Post Production services to respond to queries and post tender changes
  • Transparent service, dim sheets and digitisation sheets (mark-ups) issued upon request
  • Expert and Professional advice to minimise risk

Utilising the latest software from a sole construction software provider, Building Works. everything we do on our on-screen take off, BQ Production, Earthworks measurement etc. works together harmoniously, as one. We can issue our bills both electronically and/or hard copy format upon request. Electronic formats include ConQuest, CITE, Excel and PDF. We do take an active interest in BIM and other building modelling software which can offer us the facility to measure from models, which can provide us with efficient check quantities.

With a growing client base at our fingertips, we can act as an independent administrator for locating other Contractors who may wish to participate in a Bill Share between the other tendering Contractors dependant on the procuring Client’s approval and the boundaries of Best Professional Practice. If all parties agree, UK Estimating Service will undertake and administer all Bill Share arrangements, all parties will be allocated a share of the costs and invoiced accordingly. Advanced Estimating Service will even serve the individual party’s personal bill requirements during the tender period on a separate basis.

As Specialists in BQ Production, we are naturally proficient in offering other services attributed to measurement and quantity surveying. We can produce quantities for any contract circumstances, ranging from Cost Plans, Detailed Builders Quantities, Cut and Fill / or Earthworks modelling, and independent/impartial quantity checks Post Contract or generally. Take a look at our case studies page to see the services we have to offer.

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