22 April 2021

Bill of Quantities

The Bill of Quantities are generally prepared using the standard form of measurement SMM7. We formulate Bills of Quantities on a daily basis. Our client is based in the South of England and has a turnover in excess of £20m per year. They outsource all of their Bill of Quantities formulation to the Advanced Estimating […]
22 April 2021

The Importance of Accurate Quantity Take-offs

Quantity take-offs are an essential part of construction estimation since material cost accounts for a significant portion of the entire construction cost of any project, be it big or small. Apart from just working off drawings, blueprints or models, an estimator needs to have a high sense of skill, good judgment, and critical thinking skills […]
21 April 2021

8 Common Construction Estimating Mistakes

Estimating is one of the most difficult jobs in construction. It is also one of the most important. Profits are typically won or lost based on how accurate your estimates are and how closely they match up to your final project costs.So, how accurate are your estimates? According to a recent survey from QuickBooks and […]
15 April 2021

New Build House

Due to the demand for new houses in the UK, a lot of our builder and developer clients require the Advanced Estimating Service to prepare a new build house cost/tender using our construction estimating service. This case study is for a large 6 bedroom new build family home. There was no build specification with this […]
1 April 2021

House Extension Cost

Are you a builder who needs a house extension cost/quoted for a potential client? Or are you a homeowner who needs a house extension cost comparison against quotes you have received? We offer a quick and accurate estimating service! Write Your Main Section Many of our clients are builders who are just too busy building […]
22 March 2021

Subcontract Tenders

We prepare subcontractor tenders, send them out for tender, negotiate and place contractor agreements as part of our service. This case study is for a new build bespoke luxury detached house. Our clientwanted the Advanced Estimating Service to prepare subcontractor tender packages from the attached drawings and specification and invite prices. Bills of Quantities were […]
1 March 2021

Carpentry Cost

Do you need a carpentry cost from a prepared bill of quantities or from drawings? The Advanced Estimating Service prices all 1st and 2nd fix carpentry projects. For this project, our client sent us a prepared bill of quantities for us to price (We can prepare our own bills of quantities from drawings or price […]
19 February 2021


Cost Estimating has been a part of the construction industry since any structure was ever built. What better way is there to figure out how much a project will cost, present clear expectations to clients, and keep the project cost managed throughout the job? You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the overall price, what […]
12 February 2021

Almost all houses can benefit from a loft conversion

Depending on the roof structure and planning constraints, a loft conversion is one of the most straightforward ways of gaining extra space. ​ Loft Conversions are an ideal way to get extra value from your home without extending the footprint of your premises. Most houses are suitable for some kind of loft conversion, subject to assessment. How […]
27 January 2021

Quality Builders Vs Budget Builders

Finding a reliable building company to build a property is vital and is one of the many important things that investors will need to do when getting a brand new property built. When it comes to knowing how much to pay, this will vary depending on the location, the size of the building job and […]
7 January 2021

Top 16 Renovating Tips To Be Successful

Planning a renovation? From budgeting to working with contractors, follow these top tips to make sure your project is a success 1. Clear vision Before you even think about approaching a designer or choosing your perfect paint shade, you need to know what look you want to create in your home. Successful renovators spend time looking […]
12 December 2020


In the field of construction costing, we are often asked what is the difference between Quantity Surveyor and Building Surveying.  We thought we’d have our expert team answer the question once and for all, to help give you the information needed to progress your project.Quantity Surveying is concerned primarily with project cost where the number, amount, type […]
18 November 2020


Hiring a quantity surveyor is one of the best investments contractors like you can make. This professional is trained to cost the construction project, advise you on the smartest and most efficient procurement methods or the need for consultants, provide regular cost reports, and keep you within budget, among other things. What’s more, the expertise […]
14 October 2020


Whether you’re a contractor tendering for a major construction project or a private individual building an expensive home, it would serve you well to hire a quantity surveyor to control the cost of the project. The job description includes cost planning, timetable creation, value engineering, feasibility studies, as well as work and work packages valuation. […]
20 September 2020

Are the contractor’s insurances adequate for your project?

You don’t want to wait until you make a claim to find your contractor doesn’t have sufficient insurances in place! Insurances can be taken out by the employer (client) or the contractor or by either party in joint names. The main insurances are Public Liability, Employers Liability and Contractor’s All Risks. The first two are […]
12 August 2020

Why Use a Contract?

If I had a choice I would go back to the old ways of a handshake and keeping your promises. These days, unfortunately, people can’t or won’t stand by their commitments. Also, people’s interpretation of what was agreed differs anyway so there has to be a way of recording the agreement. Essentially, a contract confirms […]
18 July 2020

When Is A Good Time To Call A Quantity Surveyor?

Our simple answer to this question is as soon as possible! Too often a Quantity Surveyor is only brought in when there is a crisis. If a QS is engaged early, then the crisis may be avoided altogether. Engaging with a QS early to understand how a QS can help is vital. It doesn’t necessarily […]
17 June 2020

Quantity Takeoffs – More than Mere Calculations

Takeoffs or material take off, as they say, is an essential part of the estimating process. For some, this might come out as mere quantities, but these quantities can decide the fate of your project and most importantly can determine the fate of your bid. Before you can bid for or start a project, you […]
22 May 2020

Top 10 Item List of “What to Avoid” by an Estimator

It is a well-known fact that compiling accurate estimates in the construction industry consists of painstaking specifics and precision. Construction estimators tend to be highly competitive in the market and at the same time work tight schedules and deadlines, giving leeway to human error as a part of the job. However, in a profession that […]