Construction Estimating Services

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Fast turnaround to meet your deadlines

Whatever you need to build, our experts with decades of experience will provide detailed and accurate budget estimating and cost planning services on your project so that you are better informed at the initial stages of a project.

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Why hundreds of people trusted us?

One of the most experienced in the industry

With over 30 years combined experience as Quantity Surveyors and Building Estimators, you can trust you are in safe hands.

Reliable and Trustworthy Partner

Our Construction Estimating service is based on an open, honest approach to all projects that we are engaged in.

We never miss deadlines

We are yet to miss a client deadline in over 10 years of producing Building Estimates, so rest assured we will always meet your deadlines.

Save Time, Money & Resources

We have everything you need to produce fast, effective construction estimate. Our key objective is to ensure you get a document which gives you an accurate indication of the build costs.

Personalisation & individual approach

Our Estimates are fully tailored to your geographic region and location. Each document you send is pored over carefully, asking additional questions along the way if required. That ensures maximum accuracy, so we can protect your profit.

24h turnaround times

Short on time but need an accurate estimate? We can provide full, accurate, top-rated estimate within 24 or 48 hours. It's probably the fastest service on the market

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Comprehensive Estimating Services

We are carrying out construction estimating service for general builders, architects and homeowners on various extensions, refurbishments and new builds with values ranging from £10k up to £20 million. At Advanced Estimating Service we understand the importance of construction estimating services. Whether it be offering construction estimating services to builders and contractors or construction estimating service to private clients, developers and architects, our exclusive construction estimating service helps all our customers get a grasp on their anticipated construction costs. We work on a wide variety of projects from small residential new builds up to large commercial new builds and everything in-between. Our estimators will ensure they include any assumptions or exclusions they have made and all details will be clear within the estimate.

As new project delivery methods for constructions continue to evolve, Our highly respected Company have a foray of construction cost estimation services. We have the capability and experience to provide the following services:

  • Residential Construction Cost Estimating
  • To estimate project construction budgets.
  • To establish financing requirements.
  • To establish benchmarks for a construction bid.
  • Establish whether a proposed new construction plan is profitable or not.
  • Construction Cost Estimates,
  • Cost Consultancy & Cost Planning
  • Construction Estimating Services
  • Building Cost Estimates
  • Pricing of Bills of Quantities
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