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Carpentry Cost

Do you need a carpentry cost from a prepared bill of quantities or from drawings? The Advanced Estimating Service prices all 1st and 2nd fix carpentry projects.

For this project, our client sent us a prepared bill of quantities for us to price (We can prepare our own bills of quantities from drawings or price prepared).

We perused the bill of quantities and cross-referenced this with the drawing details. Once we were happy we had a full understanding of the project we proceeded to price the bill of quantities.

The bill of quantities we priced is attached to the link. It is very detailed and required the Advanced Estimating Service to go through all of the items meticulously to ensure everything was priced correctly.

Our carpentry cost service is for all types of projects and includes all the standard carpentry items (doors, skirting’s, architraves, timberwork, stairs, windows, etc) as well as bespoke items such as cupboards and reception desks.

Please send us your drawings/documentation via email and our construction estimation service will respond by return.

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