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House Extension Cost

Are you a builder who needs a house extension cost/quoted for a potential client? Or are you a homeowner who needs a house extension cost comparison against quotes you have received?

We offer a quick and accurate estimating service!

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Many of our clients are builders who are just too busy building and find it hard to price/quote for new work professionally due to time constraints. First impressions definitely count with customers and if a potential builder presents a "back of the fag packet" house extension cost (quotation) with no detail of what they have priced. I'm not sure I would spend say £20,000.00 in the hope their actual work will be better presented. Would you??

However, if a builder presents a professional, well structured, detailed house extension cost quotation then the customer will be more inclined to hire them.

We have attached to the right drawings for a house extension cost our construction estimating service recently prepared for a builder.

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The scope of works is for a new single-story, flat roof extension with some internal refurbishment. This type of extension and refurbishment is very common and we receive lots of enquiry's of this nature.

We start our quotation from the beginning of the demolition (if required) and work item by item, material by material to the finishes. We measure every item and put a cost per unit. These are a few examples (prices not current and for example only):

  • 100mm thick thermalite blockwork  34 m2   £37.95    £1,290.30

  • 50mm x 175mm C24 joists @ 400mm centres  127 m   £11.50   £1,460.50

  • Gypframe wall with 12.5mm plasterboard and 50mm insulation board and skim    30.0 m2    £43.70   £1,311.00

As you can see our house extension cost quotations are very detailed, very professional and leave no grey area's for potential disputes due to lack of clarity.

Simply email your drawings and documentation to and the Advanced Estimating Service will provide you with a lump sum cost to prepare a house extension cost quotation on your behalf. This will increase your chances of winning work.

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