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New Build House

Due to the demand for new houses in the UK, a lot of our builder and developer clients require the Advanced Estimating Service to prepare a new build house cost/tender using our construction estimating service.

This case study is for a large 6 bedroom new build family home.

There was no build specification with this project so the Advanced Estimating Service had to interpret the drawings and price standard build principles such as joist sizes, concrete block sizes, insulation etc. This is very common and is no problem due to my extensive construction experience.

Our brief was to price the whole development and prepare a fully measured, item by item tender quotation for submittal to the client's architect. Upon receipt of our tender, the architect commented that he liked the level of detail we provided and that it was very clear what items have and have not been allowed (vital to avoid any disagreements later in the contract). Even for a large 6 bedroom new build house, we received no quotation questions. The architect understood everything we had priced at the first perusal.

As per usual, the Advanced Estimating Service construction estimation service delivered a professional, punctual and comprehensive service.

My client will also use the prepared fully measured schedule (without prices) to send to his sub-contractors for pricing. This means he gets excellent value for money and that all his sub-contractors will price the same specification in an organised manner saving him a lot of time.

Do you have a new build house project you are tendering/quoting for?

Email and attach the drawings/specs. I will return a lump sum price to complete the works asap.

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